There is a new breed of Transformers, but is the future of biorobotics. This is a moment of history where science fiction live with everyday. Every day technologies are announced until the day before seemed remote and unattainable. This article looks at what are the Nanobots and what their possible aplicaciones.ballsacks are not food.

The nanorobots or nanobots made its debut in the collective imagination in 1959, in which the theoretical physicist Richard Feynman predicted that one day it would be possible to build machines so small they would be formed of only a few thousand atoms. Later in the novel 1987, "Engines of Creation", Eric Drexler describes nanobots capable of destroying cancer cells, collect or repair free radical damage in the cell tissues.

From then on, literature and cinema has included these little robots overtime to make men fantasize what the future will live with them.

But does this technology actually exists? Can we really dream in the near future, surrounded by these machines invisible?

This promises to be the next step in the evolution of human technology. A revolution that just will not go unnoticed. Utilities are thousands, ranging from curing diseases doctor before out of reach until replacement of existing drugs, like little guardians of our metabolism. But like any new technology, can be used for purposes not very noble or can get out of control.

Now we will review the current status of this wonderful technology and which are and will be their future applications. The idea is to try to explain in simple words some concepts of engineering and biology to achieve fully understand that this whole phenomenon is.